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The Impact of daylight saving time

Mar 14, 2022

In a recent interview with KARE11's Jana Shortal, Dr. Michael Howell discusses the arguments against the tradition of daylight savings, and the impact it can have on our bodies.

"An hour change really shouldn't make that big of a difference. It really shouldn't," says Dr. Michael Howell. "It does for some because they are suffering from underlying sleep problems, so the question to ask people who struggled to wake this morning...'What else is going on with your sleep?' That's the question I would ask."

Anytime we switch time, our bodies aren't super quick to change with it. That's because our bodies are in harmony with the outside world through a biological clock. Anytime you mess with that artificially, it can mess with how you feel and how you rest or don't.

Learn more in the TV segment.


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