SPI Sleep Journey is available for Android and iOS devices. Designed by doctors and sleep scientists, SPI programs lead to changes you can feel right away: less stress, more energy, and clearer thinking for whatever you put your mind to.

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Experience better nighttime rest and remarkable daytime performance without drugs, gimmicks or interventions. 9 out of 10 people see improvement in as little as a week.

  • Understand themes troubling you at night that can't be discovered through electronics & monitors.
  • Participate as a group as you learn the fundamentals of how sleep affects the body.
  • Establish happier interactions with your bed partner.
  • Turn around unhealthy habits and behaviors.
  • Lower incidences of chronic disease.


There are many ways people try to manage sleep problems: pills, trendy technology, surgeries. What these can’t do is change your habits — the only proven path to a lifetime of good sleep. With our knowledge and guidance as close as your phone, better sleep happens naturally.

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Within The Next 7 Days You Could…

  • Sleep through the night
  • Wake up feeling refreshed instead of drowsy
  • Feel a meaningful difference in your daily performance

While change is an adjustment, SPI makes it easier. We help you learn as you go, personally, as a group or with a certified sleep coach.



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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Daily Performance?

Our Sleep Coaching packages will provide you with further insight, tools, monitoring, and sustained motivation to optimize your sleep and initiate circadian changes that can last a lifetime.

  • Meet live with a sleep coach to keep you on track.
  • Send updates throughout the week to make same-day modifications to your sleep habits.
  • Build a customized sleep schedule based on real-life circumstances.

Tell us about you and we provide guidance relevant to your goals, situation, and life. With our proven training and practical tools, you’ll feel a remarkable difference in a few days.


Experience Better Sleep by Next Week.

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SPI Sleep Coaching


1 Month with a Sleep Coach

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You’re not alone on this journey.

Changing habits is the secret to healthy sleep. Take it step by step with personalized guidance and mobile tools that make it easy to improve. Stick with the program and better rest comes naturally.


 Comprehensive Sleep Behavioral Assessment

While sleep problems are common, they’re not easy to solve on your own. The Sleep Journey Assessment walks through your behavioral patterns that occur during both the night and day in order to identify what could be happening when you want to be asleep. Some examples of common sleep troubles are:

  • Circadian Delay
  • Overactive Mind
  • Restlessness
  • Sleep Apnea of Snoring

You probably recognize the symptoms. Inability to concentrate. Sudden spikes of stress and anxiety. Strained relationships with family and colleagues. Getting sick more often and recovering too slowly. By understanding which problems apply to you, we can immediately get to work on the personalized solution.

 SPI Sleep Coaching

A SPI Sleep Coach will provide you with further assessment of your circadian rhythm, screen for additional sleep challenges, and identify unrecognized barriers interfering with your slumber. The SPI Sleep Coach will update your action plan with straightforward, practical steps and achievable goals. Coaching includes:

  • Live virtual coaching sessions
  • Daily SMS messaging with your coach
  • Adjustable action plans

At the end of the month, the SPI Sleep Coach will provide you with a summary of your progress and resources for ongoing sleep and circadian wellness education.

Customized Audio Books

We use storytelling to put an abstract problem in relatable terms and connect to people’s everyday lives and concerns. By understanding what motivates you, we will create an audio-learning series specific to your life. Example motivations include:

  • Relationship Health
  • Workplace Performance
  • Overall Health
  • Athletic Performance

Your sleep journey will be curated from over 100 chapters, full of stories and education of how sleep effects your daily performance.

 Sleep Management Action Plans

We bring relevant guidance to address people’s changing situation, be it job-specific training, sleep during pregnancy, or international travel. Participants can access our tools, content, and reminders whenever and wherever they need them.

  • How do shift your circadian rhythm
  • Introducing light-therapy when necessary
  • Dealing with snoring or sleep apnea

SPI was founded by doctors who have spent their careers solving sleep problems for the gamut of issues people face. Built on the latest evidence and clinical best practices, our programs lead 9 out of 10 participants to noticeable changes in as little as a week.

Is For You If...

  • Feel drowsy in the afternoons
  • Wake up with heartburn
  • Can't shut your mind off before bed
  • Have constant interruption at night (like a new baby)
  • You want to improve your athletic performance
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Michael J. Howell, MD

"Scientists know more than ever before about how our nighttime habits shape our daytime performance. Equipping people with this understanding is our sole focus."

We founded SPI as doctors who have spent our careers solving sleep problems for the gamut of issues people face. Built on the latest evidence and clinical best practices, our programs lead 9 out of 10 participants to noticable changes in as little as a week.

"I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Dr. Howell, our sleep doctor. It was pretty special for him to invest the time to meet with our players and talk about their sleep patterns. "

P.J. Fleck:
Head Coach of Minnesota Gopher Football

"This program provides valuable information for employees because it is practical and offers tools to identify and fix sleep problems. Being provided with the Sleep Improvement Guide was an added bonus because employees can use this for their future reference to aid them with their sleep issues."

Susan Revier
Dorsey & Whitney

"I noticed an immediate improvement in my mood and work performance within a week of sticking to my sleep program."

Chad Hancock