About S.P.I.

We are leading a movement for life-changing sleep, person by person and team by team. Imagine the impact of millions of people rising each day feeling renewed, ready to perform at their best and positively influence the lives of those around them.


An epidemic of exhaustion.

In a sea of dubious solutions to sleep problems, SPI has created a simple, proven, empowering path forward. We help organizations and individuals see what’s at stake with their sleep habits and lead them to benefits beyond what they expected. In an area of life that affects people’s jobs and happiness, we approach with compassion, using a “we” voice that unites us in their struggle. Unlike those who would capitalize on people’s suffering and lack of knowledge, we’re expert allies working to put our solution in the hands of as many people as possible and create change on a societal scale.

We use storytelling to put an abstract problem in relatable terms and connect to people’s everyday lives and concerns. When appropriate, we pull back the curtain on the uncanny world of dreams and the subconscious, jarring people from their habits and routines to help them recognize the source of power and performance inside us all.

One in three Americans

Chances are…you will experience a diagnosable sleep disorder at some point, so don't feel like you're the only person lying awake at night.

The high cost of too little sleep

Poor sleep is the invisible hand behind of all kinds of issues. It puts strain on our family relationships and throws our health out of whack, from higher rates of disease to mood disorders to anxiety.

A culture at war with sleep

In many industries and social circles, operating on minimal sleep has become a status symbol. Powered by caffeine and force of will, people ignore warning signs from their brains and bodies.

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Sleep powers potential.

It’s time to flip the script. Sleep is not a barrier to performance, but its ultimate source. SPI unlocks the potential for everyone, whether they suffer from a chronic sleep disorder or just have room to improve. Our programs lead to results people can see and feel. Improved resilience, mood, and stress management. Better productivity and collaboration. Higher scores in the classroom and on the field. Healthier relationships with family and colleagues. And beyond.

SPI programs are designed for groups to help make good sleep a priority for their members. We track and analyze sleep behavior for teams as a whole, then guide participants one on one to make collective progress. We engage people in the context of their job, their goals, and the people around them, fostering a culture of sleep that’s contagious.

"I thought I knew about sleep and figured you were just going to tell me to go to bed earlier. Wow, I am now looking at my sleep and circadian rhythms in a new light and feel great!"

- SPI Group Participant

"As someone who has had slowly worsening sleep habits throughout the year, I found the easy tips and tricks to improve sleep hygiene pivotal."

- SPI Group Participant

"Lack of sleep and poor sleep is often the norm in law firms given the increasing demands of attorneys and staff to support clients in various time zones and geographic locations. What better group, then, to learn about the benefits of good sleep, and how to put positive sleep habits into motion?"

- SPI Group Sponsor

Putting good rest within everyone’s reach.

SPI empowers people experiencing sleep problems to find the solution within themselves. Rooted in the science of our natural sleep cycles, our programs guide people to understand the rhythms of their brains and bodies and learn to flow with them. We bring relevant guidance to address people’s changing situation, be it job-specific training, sleep during pregnancy, or international travel. Participants can access our tools, content, and reminders whenever and wherever they need them.

Guidance tailored to your workforce.

Created in partnership with companies like yours.

Our programs adapt to the requirements of your industry and the goals of your group. Whether it’s guiding pilots to embrace healthy sleep cycles or educating public safety officers on how sleep affects judgment and reaction times, we bring workers the relevant guidance they need today and as their lives and jobs change.

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