I found the sleep lecture very useful. As someone who has had slowly worsening sleep habits throughout the year, I found the easy tips and tricks to improve sleep hygiene pivotal. I even changed my phone settings for scheduled my phone to have no blue light during the lecture!

I share a sleeping environment with my boyfriend who has sleep apnea and I learned more in that class about apnea than I have ever learned from him...and he has been a part of a sleep study before.

The presentation was helpful for me to understand the role that sunlight deprivation, and late-night TV watching and the use of electronic devices have in the inability to fall asleep. I recently took a trip to Switzerland and remembered hearing in the presentation that the more exposure to sunlight on the day of your arrival, the better it helps your body to reduce the effects of jet lag. I spent the majority of my arrival day outside in the sun. The next day my body was fully adjusted to the time change.

Sleep has been something that I have been worried about recently. I thought the talk today was helpful and spot on as to what I was feeling while providing some possible solutions.

The program was very helpful because it provided tools for one to use for common sleep problems. The sleep improvement guide was a bonus. Very practical.

The program content was well presented and easy to understand and implement.

Very good program! Tons of useful information and the Q&A at the end was really valuable.

This program provides valuable information for employees because it is practical and offers tools to identify and fix sleep problems. Being provided with the Sleep Improvement Guide was an added bonus because employees can use this for their future reference to aid them with their sleep issues.

Great Presentations! Appreciated the simple straightforward advice. I thought I knew about sleep and figured you were just going to tell me to go to bed earlier. Wow, I am now looking at my sleep and circadian rhythms in a new light and feel great!

The sleep lecture was a good mix of relevant clinical points which will make us better docs as well as wellness tips for our own lives.

I really liked the sleep health session. It was a very important message, and I thought there were some helpful practical tips included. And it was very interesting!

The sleep session was excellent, it provided a combination of clinical information for patient care and information germane to our own lives and careers.

Dr. Howell's discussion on sleep was wonderful. It is an important topic and he was an engaging and entertaining speaker!

I loved the "Sleeping for Health" session. It gave me great information for my own health and well-being and also tips to provide to my patients. I thought Dr. Howell was energetic and engaging during the session and an excellent presenter.

I really appreciated the lecture on sleep and the importance of it. I really enjoyed that he was able to give us advice about sleep that we can use for our patients and for ourselves as we continue to learn how to better care for ourselves throughout our medical careers.

Lack of sleep and poor sleep is often the norm in law firms given the increasing demands of attorneys and staff to support clients in various time zones and geographic locations. What better group, then, to learn about the benefits of good sleep, and how to put positive sleep habits into motion? Drs. Parker and Howell presented to our firm the benefits of good sleep and offered suggestions on how best to implement good sleep habits. Their presentation was both informational and entertaining – it was enjoyable to watch and learn from them. The content was relatable and meaningful. In fact, many of our staff members stayed after the presentation to ask questions and talk 1:1 with them! That’s always a great sign of success.