Moms and Sleep: The Elusive Elixir

Magic happens when you sleep more. Sleep is the elusive elixir. More sleep often means less stress, more energy, less irritability, and more joy. Sleep is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle, and one that is too often overlooked. While it can be challenging for women to get enough sleep, there are positive, proven steps that women can take to sleep better and sleep more. This lively, entertaining session will provide an overview of sleep and its importance, review biological aspects of sleep in women, outline common sleep problems, and most important give you tips for improving your sleep.

When: Tuesday, October 9, noon - 1 p.m.

Where: Plymouth Creek Center, 14800 34th Avenue North, Plymouth, MN 55447

Cost: $25

Questions: Call Kristen Spargo at 612-816-7916.

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