Sleep Performance Co-founder Michael Howell, MD gave sound sleep advice to WCCO viewers in a segment titled, Lying Awake at Night? Tips to Improve Your Sleep. The story features Gwen Beard, who struggled with sleep issues for years before seeing Dr. Howell. He diagnosed Beard with a circadian rhythm delay, meaning her 24-hour clock was ill-timed for when she needed to be awake and active. With the help of a 10,000 luxe light box and some other tips, Beard was able to shift her sleep cycle, giving her more energy during the day.

Watch the segment to learn Dr. Howell’s top tips to help you sleep better. And be sure to catch reporter Jennifer Mayerle’s conversation with anchor Amelia Santaniello just after the segment. Mayerle notes that after just a week and a half of implementing Dr. Howell’s recommendations, she’s experiencing the best sleep she has had in a while. Mayerle hadn’t realized how bad her sleep was until she was listening to Dr. Howell’s signs of poor sleep.

The segment concludes with Mayerle’s promo that WCCO’s website links to a bonus interview with Dr. Howell. He offers tips on what to do when you wake up in the middle of the night. (Hint: It’s not staying in bed and counting sheep.) Learn more here.